Support Department

Support Department Philosophy

In accordance with the Code of Practice, all pupils at Penweddig School have an equal opportunity to develop in accordance with their ability and the department has an effective system of identifying and assessing the pupil's needs as well as promoting their educational progress.

The atmosphere within the Support Department is friendly and welcoming and this in turn fosters a positive attitude towards academic work and social skills.

As a department we emphasize that 'our door' is always open to any pupil or parent who feels that they want to discuss any matter relating to the pupil's development and would encourage parents to take a key role in educating their children in need of support.

The aim of the support department is to contribute to the effective delivery of the curriculum at Penweddig Community Comprehensive School, enabling all pupils to participate in all aspects of the curriculum and achieve their full potential. As well as working closely with the families there is also close working within the school with other departments and the management team and with a range of external agencies.

Departmental Objectives

  • All pupils have equal opportunity to participate in a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum whatever their educational needs;
  • Ensure that all teachers in the school are aware of the pupils and the nature of their difficulties / situations;
  • To give each individual an equal opportunity to develop according to his or her ability;
  • Aim to ensure that special needs pupils are taught in conjunction with their peers (with support);
  • To ensure effective organization and identification and assessment of needs and promote the progress of pupils with additional needs;
  • To encourage parents to play a key role in educating the individuals;
  • To co-operate and liaise with statutory agencies to meet the needs of the pupils;
  • Collaborate with mentors who visit individuals within the department to promote pupil support;
  • Provide space for individual pupils experiencing social/emotional difficulties within mainstream education;
  • Whole school developments that will enable all children to have full access to a broad, balanced, relevant and appropriate curriculum by promoting the learning of pupils with Additional Learning Needs supported by curriculum implementation;
  • Creating an environment that meets the requirements of each pupil's additional learning needs;
  • Ensure that pupils' additional learning needs are identified, assessed and appropriately provided for;
  • Clarify the expectations of all partners in the process;
  • Identify the role and responsibility of staff in providing for pupils' additional learning needs;
  • Enable all pupils to have full access to all elements of the curriculum in the school;
  • Education for all pupils with particular emphasis on Welsh language material and an awareness of Welshness;
  • To help all pupils develop into responsible and mature members of society and to exercise self-discipline in work and play;
  • Help pupils to learn respect for moral and religious values, and be tolerant of others and provide opportunities to promote pupils' spiritual development;
  • Help all pupils to appreciate and participate in the traditions and culture of their area and country, and to enjoy and understand the traditions of other cultures;
  • To help all pupils develop linguistic (in English and Welsh and other languages), numerical, scientific, physical and logical competencies;
  • Help all pupils reach their highest standard of achievement and ability;
  • Relate and apply their learning and talents for work, career and leisure in a rapidly changing society;
  • Help all pupils to develop their awareness of the environment and respect within the school, in their locality and beyond.