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Penweddig v Ysgol Syr Hugh Owen

It was a very close match between Penweddig and Ysgol Syr Hugh Owen near Caernarfon, with Penweddig playing the game very well throughout. February the 18th was the day of this very close match. With the score being 3-3 after extra time, it was decided to go onto penalties with both teams playing very well. Unfortunately Penweddig lost 5 goals to 4. Penweddig played to the best of their ability.

Elinor, Year 8

Video by Arwel, Gwern and Robert, Year 7

Penweddig School Eisteddfod 2014

On the eleventh of February 2014, all the pupils of Penweddig school travelled to the Aberystwyth Arts Centre, for a day of fun at the school’s annual Eisteddfod. Although the weather was not on our side, the flow of the eisteddfod was not impaired and we had a day full of enthusiastic competing amongst the teams. But, at the end of the day, only one team could be the winners, and that team was Bleddyn, for the third year running! Hywel came second by very few points, with Llywelyn taking third position. The winner of the crown for the best story this year was Elin Haf from Hywel, with her team-mate, Eiry Williams receiving the chair for the best poem. For the first time in the school’s history, all three teams came first in the homework competitions, with 234 marks each! We had a great day, which is sure to stay in our minds for a long time.

Alwen, Ffion and Rhiannon, Year 9   

Penweddig 40 Lecture

On Wednesday, 5th of March the 40 years of Penweddig lecture was held in the Edward Llwyd building in Aberystwyth University. The lecture was held by Gerald Morgan who was the school’s first headmaster.

Penweddig’s current headmaster, Mr Gwenallt Ifan, started the evening, by explaining a lot about Gerald Morgan’s past and how alike they were. They had worked in some of the same schools and some of the same areas. They both had connections with Pembrokeshire, and of course they had both been headmasters of Penweddig.

Many people turned up, mostly past pupils of Penweddig and a few past teachers and current teachers.  All three of the schools headmasters had turned up, Mr Gerald Morgan, Mr George and Mr Ifan, The Three Musketeers as one of the old pupils called them.

Gerald Morgan talked about the history of Penweddig. He included the good bits as well as the bad.

He also explained how he was thankful that pupils had been able to attend a Welsh language course at Gwersyll yr Urdd, Llangrannog, all thanks to the teachers who were willing to give up their time to go with them. Mr Morgan said he finds it frustrating that children are no longer able to take part in exchange programmes with schools in different countries because they are no longer allowed to stay with families and “are missing out on important experiences”.

At the very end of his lecture he said “I can’t wait until the next time, when we will be celebrating 50 years.”

Velina, Year 8

Street Party 

In 2013, Penweddig School celebrated 40 years. To celebrate the 40 years of the school, we had a street party on the 19th of December. Instead of attending afternoon lessons, we ate food on the  street. Tables were laid out along the street with some in the hall that had been covered with delicious food including crisps, cakes and sausages cooked by the cooking teacher, Mrs Menna Lewis. The street and the hall were both   decorated with posters and balloons. The teachers dressed up in 70s clothes because that was the fashion when the school was established. During the party, the school sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to the school. We had loads of fun celebrating the occasion!

Carys and Sioned, Year 9

Penweddig Closes Due To Strong Winds

On the twelfth of February , Ysgol Penweddig was closed at two o’clock  as there were red warnings for strong winds in the area of Aberystwyth and up and down the coast of Ceredigion. 

Throughout the week there had been red warnings for strong winds in Aberystwyth and areas elsewhere around Wales and England. Many schools were told to close to secure the safety of the teachers and students. 

The main reason behind closing the school was the buses. The pupils that travelled home by the means of a bus needed to leave school early as the winds were going to get worse towards three o’clock.

On the Wednsday morning the teachers held a meeting to discuss the matter of the red warning winds. They came to the conclusion to close the school early.

There was a possibility that there would be an increase in the number of accidents in the area. Therefore it was inevitable that the school had to close as trees and overhead power lines were falling down over roads and could cause injuries and the possibility of death.

Penglais school also closed early as they have many pupils that travel by bus. The school is located by many trees and they were all swaying and falling around the school.

But near to Ysgol Penweddig were two big primary schools, namely Ysgol Gymraeg Aberystwyth and Plascrug School, which  remained open for the rest ot the school day. This is because no buses are used to transport the pupils to and from these schools.

 The entrance to Penweddig was extremely hectic like Piccadily circus! Shouting, excitment, children anxious to get home before the eye of the storm. The pupils were all busy ringing their parents and the teachers were like police officers protecting the children from the dangers of the storm. In my opinion it was too short notice to close the school. However the school ensured that the pupils left the school premises safely.

Altogether a quarter of the schools in Wales closed due to the bad weather. After giving this matter due consideration I am happy that the school closed. 

Mary, Year 8

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