Ysgol Gyfun Gymunedol Penweddig



Welsh Language Unit

The Welsh Language Centre

Teacher  - Mrs Dilys Lloyd

(01970) 625440

The Language Centre is situated on the first floor of the school and offers courses for some Year 6 pupils who wish to improve their Welsh before entering Penweddig in Year 7.  Pupils are usually referred to the Language Centre by the Head teacher of their Primary School.  

The Language Enriching Course is on Thursdays and Fridays during the Spring and Summer Terms every year.  The course lasts for six weeks.  It prepares the pupils to develop their fluency in Welsh by practising their oracy, reading and writing skills in a class of 10 to 14 pupils, before they transfer to Penweddig.  The class work will include work on Wales and its people, school life and the local area, as well as some language exercises.  Homework, both reading and writing, will be set on Thursdays and Fridays and should last up to half an hour.   A local walk will be arranged for one afternoon during the course so that pupils may learn something of the history and the development of the town. 

In addition to giving some more language opportunities, the course gives the pupils a chance to meet and socialise with others in Year 6 who are about to transfer to Penweddig.  It gives them a taste of life in Penweddig.  By travelling to school, having lunch in the school canteen, visiting the Resource Centre and using one of the computer rooms, the pupils will gain some confidence and fluency in Welsh before they start in the secondary school in September.

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