Ysgol Gyfun Gymunedol Penweddig




Key Stage 4

The GCSE Art and Design course follows naturally from the work done in the lower school but obviously the nature of the work produced and the response presented is of a better quality. This is a practical course with opportunities for a stimulating experience of creativity in many areas of art and design such as fine art, photography and film, graphic communication, textiles, 3D studies and ceramics.

Because of the nature of the work, it is emphasised that much of the coursework will be done as homework that is directly linked to the theme set, and this will need to be fulfilled regularly.

Gallery visits and workshops are organised regularly and are an important part of the students development and understanding of Art and Design.

There are two aspects to the GCSE coursework:

Coursework Portfolio 60%

Students will create a portfolio of art work during the four terms. This will include :

1. A sketchbook full of techniques and skills learn, as well as a wealth of drawings and sketches.

2. Source work, collections of drawings and photographic images.

3. Investigative work commenting on other artists and designers work.

4. Experimental work with alternative styles and media.

5. The finished "piece" showing ability, originality, industry, and creativity.

Practical Examination 40%: Externally Set Task

Following an 8 week preparation period, the practical examination of 10 hours will take place over two days. The assessment targets are identical to the coursework portfolio.

Written work criticising their own and other artists work will be required in each unit.

It must be emphasised that the process as well as the quality of work in the portfolio will be assessed during the course. Creating high quality finished pieces is not the only important element – the development of ideas is equally as important.

The enjoyment gained from Art is directly proportional to the effort applied.

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